Imagine it is 1996 and you just told your boss you want to sell insurance on the internet. Once he is done laughing and against his better judgement says yes, now think about how the insurance company representatives couldn’t help but laugh when they asked about that internet insurance program.  

Fast forward 20 years later.  Now that you have learned how a true insurance professional started selling insurance on the internet, imagine if that same insurance agent worked closely with many different types of clients, including, film, tv, content, technology, e-commerce, aviation, real estate, manufacturing, sports and fitness.  Sounds like you have the right person to help both Insurance and Technology companies converge. Whether you want to reach insurance companies, insurance brokers or end user clients you need to call Jeff and his team Now. 


Never before has there been an opportunity using AI, Machine learning and Data analytics to assist people in the insurance buying, selling, administrative  and cost cutting process. Whether you are a technology company, Insurance company or an insurance agency looking to grow, the team at JKC can help you.  

When to Call Jeff Kleid consulting:

  • Creation of Niche Marketing process for like, kind and quality programs.
  • Creation of unique products or directions to place products.
  • Need to know who will buy your product, and what they will use it for.
  • Sales and Customer service teams expertise.
  • Works closely with Tech team, Insurance carriers and Brokers to develop         products.
  • Acts as another set of eyes, between Tech team, products, sales and         customer service.
  • Able to negotiate rates, products and programs directly with carriers.
  • Strategize and Implement on behalf of current management, working closely         with sales and customer service teams to maximize success.
  • Able to step into companies as interim CEO, CMO down to a role that may be         required and are able to maximize stability.