Our Expertise

The knowledge brought to clients by Jeff kleid and his team of experts can accomodaate a wide variety of entrepreneurial ventures.  Surrounded by specific industry service providers and having both a granular view as an entrepreneur and high level view of multiple business disciplines is an amazing differentiator in the modern world of consulting.  Rather than plan, implement and possibly succeed, the team at JKC works as if it is our money, our thought process and our own up or down side.  Growth for the sake of growth is not the solution, but rather the problem.

Strategy & Execution

Strategy, implementation, action and execution are rarely equally engaged by outside sources. The team at JKC uses fact based feedback processing to engage the client at all levels, and embraces the upsides and downsides of each action with their counter reaction before implementation. In addition, Jeff and his team of internal and external collaborators will work closely with management and employees to make the end goal business strategy the best it can be.

Customer Service

We learned customer service the old fashioned way. Give the people what they want and they will come back for more. Nobody sets out to offer poor customer service, but sometimes life happens and the customer experience falls to the back of the line. Our job is to make sure that customer service becomes part of the proactive sales process rather than the customer and client retention process it has inadvertantly become.


We engage and embrace the strengths and weaknesses of any sales team. With buy in from the top down to the bottom up, we work through the sales process ultimately positioning the team according to their abilities, rather than the goals that are pre-set for them to adhere to. Our intent is to create a balance between what is working, what should be working and ultimately what will work.


Networking and interacting with others can be a daunting task. We work closely with top management to assess and plan out what you are trying to acomplish for yourself and the company as a whole. Throughout the asessment process we work with each member of your chosen teams whether they are sales, customer service or project management to assess which direction and process is right for them. Using our proprietary "Networking with the Cards you are Dealt" process we will position you and your team in the direction best suited for success.

Social Media

Don't let social media pass you by. Whether you are dipping your toe in or diving in head first, this is what you need to know. You have to think customer service and sales, but implement fun interaction and connections. with social media, there is a delicate balance of metrics of expense. You need someone who knows both. Don't get caught up by what works for someone else. Your strategy has to be just that, yours. Our job at JKC is to make the experience as seamless as possible. We handcraft a custom plan for you and your team, based on the results and objectives you want to accomplish. With over 20 years experience directly selling products and services on the Internet, and direct sales interactions without direct one on one contact has prepared Jeff and his team for the perfect social media storm that is upon us.

Trade Show Process

Our Trade show metrics team has over 50 years of Trade show knowledge that encompasses most scenarios specific to an overall successful trade show experience. Our knowledge includes, but is not limited to exhibiting, positioning, sales, buying, business development, lead implementation, follow up and Transition from one profit center to another. As entrepreneurs, business owners, customer service and sales professionals we know that regardless of what you are trying to accomplish our process will afford you the comfort of knowing that what was once considered a Boon Doggle, or a bottomless unavoidable expense, will now become the belle of the ball.

Business Development

We place a lot of emphasis on business development whether the pipeline is full or not. One of our high level goals to educate and engage based on the philosophy that business development and relationship building are best served when needed least. With buy in from the top down we actively engage the coompany and it's team to position them for success at every turn. Our approach to the development side of the business has a proven track record for filling the pipeline when its warranted.