Outsourced Chief Marketing Officer

One of the key position any company should have when trying to Pivot or move forward in another directon, is a strong Marketing leader.  The right person or people will know when and where to place valuable resources and time.  Unfortunately most company leaders believe their top sales talent are also capable of creating and following a marketing plan.  Let us clear this up for you, right here and right now, Marketing is not sales.  Marketing is the positioning of the company to attain more sales, and your top sales person most likely will not have the bandwidth or possibly the skills to guide the company as a whole.  If they are really good at their job, chances are they will not be good at this.  The reason is simple, a good marketing strategy involves integrating many different people, different skills, different thought processes, and most importantly the time it to stay engaged with the sales and marketing team.  This is where we come in, we focus on the following:

  • Communication from the top down and the bottom up
  • Accountability for daily, weekly and monthly tasks
  • Strategy and Implementation of marketing ideas
  • Checks and Balance procedures

We are a fixed cost marketing arm with low monthly retainers and flexibility for short term engagements.  Because we understand opportunity, we are not brought in, until you have decided you are ready to head in a new direction or enhance your current sales and marketing thought process.  Since, we are a fixed cost with flexible time frames, you do not expose yourself to continuous expenses, long term employee liabilities, or accountability checks, other than the regular review of ongoing deliverables.