Our initial goal is to understand owner and management objectives, provide thought provoking and engaging feedback that will fine tune the approach while still at the early stages of the expense process.  With buy in and understanding of how to proceed at the top levels, we assess and understand the market place, while at the same time engaging others within the company from the bottom up.  

There are so many times where bottle necks occur throughout a strategy, implementation, execution and action process, that we offer a unique set of eyes and experience using our own success and failures to mitigate as many of these circumstances as possible.  At the same time, we do engage and embrace implementation and are involved every step of the way to maximize a successful return. 

Project Manager

Sales Team Implementation

We are currently engaged in a project manager’s pivot and growth process. Already highly successful in their specific trade, this company saw an opportunity and brought in JKC to see if they were seeing it correctly.  We are currently working with them to engage their current clientele differently, postion for new opportunities and regulalry engaging with current members of the teams on their strengths and weaknesses to acomplish the task at hand.  The companies investment in themselves and our involvement should see significant ROI within the next 6 months and ad another profit center because of our joint ability to work through their high level thoughts, implement and act in a fashion best suited for success. 

Our team was actively engaged in working with an existing sales team to assess their stregths and weaknesses to grow a new product line.  Through top down engagement and bottom up interaction we explained to the company owners the true costs and possible benefits of their new found expansion.  While we embrace the opportunity and desire to help a company pivot and grow, after our assessment this company has not made a decision on which way to move forward that will best suit them.  One thing they did learn was the limitations of their existing team, and the best way, costs and time it will take to get them to the level they see most suited for the companies success. 

Insurance Agency

Customer Service

With the understanding of cost versus benefit a seasoned insurance agency with several insurance company relationships set out to see if they could tackle new clients in specific niche marketing arenas.  Upon assessment of the current team in place, it was decided that in order to successfully implement and monetize, the company would have to pivot and create a completely new division and bring in a team of professionals specific for that new business. While there were plenty of hurdles and struggles along the way, with our involvement and buy in from the top down and the bottom up the company successfully created a whole new suite of services and increased their bottom line ROI expotentially.

Through a series of strategy sessions and meetings with top management, the team from JKC was able to assess the abilities of the existing team and the companies current footprint.  Our assessment also focused on the companies ability to adapt to expansion or retract as their direct business model needed.  The engagement was an assessment of workflow, peoples abilities and their willingness to take the company to the next level.  In addition, the real answers were what limitations and liabilities were around the corner with this new endeavor and how can these liabilities through fast growth be mitigated.