Real Estate Agencies

As an Agency owner, broker associate or office manager you know that engagement of your team is possibly more important than even the buyers and sellers you or they may bring in.  Of course buyers and sellers are key to an agencies success, but your commitment to your team and their commitment to you in addition to their clients is equally important. Anytime you have a sales force made up of independent thinkers the challenge always ensues as to how much management is enough, and how much freedom is too much.  

Our unique history serving brokers and agents over the last several years affords us the opportunity to create a level playing field for you and your team.  We work closely with you to strategically design and implement the right course of action for both your current team and help you find the right team as you move forward and grow. 

Some of the areas our training process focuses on:

Individualized Skills Training

Buyer and Seller Managed Expectations Training

Preparation to Pivot along with Market Shifts
Networking and connecting differently
Unique Niche
Marketing program implementation