Our founder Jeff Kleid and his team spent over 20 years providing “Best in Class” multi-tier product and service marketing programs for real estate, fitness, apparel, sports, entertainment, retail, technology, manufacturing and distribution clients.   In all these successful programs, the end-user sale became incidental to the process.  The clients’ true value-add and ultimate success came from their ability to service and retain their end-users with a unique “best in class” approach to doing business.  It is that same approach to providing exceptional service that will make or break a business offering Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). 

How can we help you?

  • Strategic Planning
  • Best in Class Process & Procedures        implementation
  • Outsourced Marketing Management functions
  • PPC & SEO Partnerships ​
  • Generate specific multi directional lead        Relationships
  • Turn Leads into customers
  • Customer Retention
  • Social Media and Social Strategy Management

Our SaaS Marketing services team is ready to assist you in the strategy, implementation and execution of building a true “Best in Class” Customer service experience for your clients.  The opportunity to create new SaaS apps and get them into the hands of end users has never been greater.  In many application fields, SaaS business models have revolutionized the buying experience.  Decisions regarding what software or platform to deploy that used to take months or even years are now being made in weeks, days and even minutes.  

We say the sale is incidental because in a SaaS business model, you embrace offering free 90-day trials, trial-to-paid, trial with credit card information, trial with no credit card information, limited free or freemium version with email, or any of a myriad of other methods of exposing all your hard work and energy to prospective users for their evaluation.  Of course, after this initial exposure, your ultimate goal is the conversion of those users to paying customers and the retention of their business, so the initial sale is incidental to your success.  What will cause them to convert from free to paying status is the quality of the service you provide during their trial period.  You may already have a great sign-up rate, but keeping your users engaged and happy has become a major challenge. Or, you may truly have the best offering on the market, but your buyers aren’t ready to buy.  We find out why, and we figure out the obstacles.

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