Trade Show Metrics

The Trade Show Metrics team has over 50 years of Trade show knowledge that encompasses most scenarios specific to an overall successful trade show experience.

Our knowledge includes, but is not limited to:
  • Exhibiting
  • Positioning, Sales
  • Buying
  • Business Development
  • Lead Implementation
  • Follow up and transition from one aspect and Profit center to another

Using our collective knowledge and creating the unique 128 Trade Show process we are ready to serve.  As  entrepreneurs, business owners, customer service and Sales Professionals we know that regardless of what you are trying  to accomplish our 128 step process will find its value for you.  Our process will provide you with the comfort of knowing  that what was once considered a Boondoggle, or a bottomless unavoidable expense, will now provide you the ROI you will  come to expect.         


We work closely with you and your team to provide a second set of eyes handling the heavy lifting.  With expectations so  great at every corner, and the constant evolution of technology in every aspect of your business, it is impossible for one or  two qualified people to take it all in.  Our team is set up to divide and conquer.  Our process embraces transitions and  hand offs, which is where disruption and inefficiencies tend to happen.  So, whether you are in charge of pre show  logistics, in show sales, or back at the office follow up, our process creates a seamless bridge between all the parties  involved. 

 With our program and guidance, you will learn what you are trying to accomplish, how we will help you achieve that  success and together we will implement a strategy and process to the right balance of success, cost and profit. 

 We welcome you to experience a new way of Customer Service and interaction that puts you back in the driver’s seat of  your Trade Show Experience. 


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