How does the right Elevator Pitch position you for a Job?

Recently throughout several Networking workshops I have presented, the Elevator Pitch seems to have taken center stage.  Most of those interactions have been specific to Networking and how to position yourself at a meeting, event or a mixer. 

The other day however, I was having a very lengthy conversation with my good friend Alan Stone, who is a job Recruiter at Barnett Partners.  Alan had just read my book, and we started to talk about the Elevator pitch section and he was sharing how it relates to the job search.  The short of it is that you have to always be on your game.  In fact, several times, Alan said “ Look when you are not looking”. Point is, if that phone rings and someone on the other side shows interest in you, a 30-60 second Elevator Pitch needs to make a memorable impression on them. 

While your responses can and will vary depending on the following, questions. Asking the questions before you give your Elevator pitch will both help you figure out which Elevator Pitch to give them, and give you the time needed to answer eloquently.

Why someone is calling you?

Why have they reached out to you?

What you are trying to accomplish?

What their expectations are?

An Elevator pitch can make or break the rest of the conversation.  So, once you have an understanding of what they are looking for, preplanned responses might be;

  1. Who are you? (not just your name, but who are you as a person)

  2. Why are you unique?

  3. What would you bring to that job?

  4. Why are you right for it?

There are a couple things to keep in mind at this point.  First, you need to have more than one elevator pitch ready because of the job available, answers to your questions and multiple styles of the recruiter in general.  Second, even though your elevator pitch is prepared it needs to be done in a way that is genuine or authentic to who you are and how you speak.  Recruiters and others at that level will know when you are saying what they want to hear vs. what and how you say it, matches what they are looking for.

In the end, while this process may sound daunting, it is actually a great way for you to always be ready.  A good set of elevator pitches will take you from job search to customer and client search, even to ultimately growing your team or a business.  So embrace the process and make it your own. 

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