As a serial entrepreneur, Jeff Kleid knows how to seek out and create opportunity for himself and others.  Understanding how to embrace and engage others has helped Jeff grow businesses differently, more efficiently and faster than normal industry standards. Jeff is known for his unique ability to guide others and help them solve their most frustrating or exciting challenges.  Starting in sales as a licensed insurance agent in 1994, as a commission sales producer Jeff built a solid book of business with clients in multiple directions.  The diverse list of clients include real estate, hospitality, technology, manufacturing, distribution, sports, fitness and entertainment to name a few.


Adding to his strengths early on Jeff became actively involved in grass roots advocacy on behalf of his clients.  That same passion for advocacy has seen Jeff invited onto several boards and committees over the years. Notably, Jeff is past President of the Independent Insurance Agents of America San Fernando Valley and most recently completed a five-year term on the board of the Orange County Jewish Community Foundation.


​Jeff has a unique ability to see opportunity others do not and brings a certain energy and passion for to act on that.  Jeff’s ability as an early adapter and creating like, kind and quality products helped Jeff become President and Principal of his first company only seven years after he started as a commission based sales producer.

While working as a valet at the Disneyland hotel, Jeff truly honed in on what providing an amazing experience for all involved meant.  Learning moments like those with Michael Eisner truly shaped Jeff’s understanding of sales and the customer experience.

Early Projects

Jeff’s genuine approach to helping others has afforded him the opportunity to grow, build and ultimately sell his shares in the same company where he started out as a commissioned sales person.

Under Jeff’s watch that same company grew from a small local insurance agency with a couple million dollars in revenue to a $110 million dollar premium nationally recognized insurance agency.  Upon selling his shares, and buying back several accounts from his former partners, Jeff opened up his second agency and created a “best in class” online insurance presence, which quickly became one of the premier online insurance agencies in the country.  His main website and the clients attached to it, were purchased by a division of AON insurance, one of the worlds largest insurance brokerages in 2013.

Latest Projects

After the sale of his last agency, in recent years, Jeff founded and remains a partner in a residential finance company.   As the recent Author of the book “Networking with the Cards you are dealt” Jeff has become a motivational speaker, provides workshops and in person and online training classes to individuals, sales and customer service teams on how to engage, connect and grow their business.  Jeff Kleid consulting is about sharing Jeff’s insights, successes and struggles to help businesses from the top down and the bottom up to build a “best in class” business model that works for them.

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