Networking With The Cards You Are Dealt

We’ve all been to networking events.  Whether through your local chamber of commerce or another organization, most people universally hate networking.  

If you are among that group, it’s because you are doing it wrong.  Not many people can say they wrote the book on networking, but Jeff Kleid is one such individual.  

In “Networking With The Cards You Are Dealt” you can learn from Jeff’s years of networking experience.  You’ll find out how to do it successfully and grow your business.  

Not into reading lengthy books?  You are in luck!  There’s a card game!  That’s right, to accompany the book, Jeff has created a fun game that will turn any boring networking meeting into a memorable experience.

Don’t waste time will silly icebreakers or canned pitches, get your group involved and make lasting impressions.

(You should still probably read the book though..)