There are very few insurance agency owners or producers who can say that an average work day, consisted of discussing a placement on several million dollars worth of coverage for both personal residences and commercial buildings, leading a loss control safety meetings for manufacturers and distributors regular, Dealing with professional liability policies at all levels, and then on the same day directly handle clients needs who pay less than $200 per year in insurance premiums.

Well Jeff Kleid, not only did that, but also did that as a regular process, both consistently and profitably for over 20 years.  It is Jeff’s unique experience starting as a commission-based producer and ultimately, growing and building, not one, but two insurance agencies, over a period that 20-year time span.  Jeff will be the first one to tell you that even with all the strategy, implementation and action there was misfire, struggles and personal financial pain both personally and to the company. 

Jeff and his team have taken all that knowledge, packaged it up, and are bringing it to you, for you, and with the desire that if you are ready to pivot your insurance business regardless of reason we are here to help. 

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